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Explore beyond traditional treatments & experience true depth, connection & well being through our custom work by exceptional therapists at our rejuvenation day spa
Your Spa for relaxation, therapy and beauty catering to
Individuals, Couples & Groups in the Morongo Basin High Desert

We offer:

Organic facial services and waxing hair removal by our licensed estheticians and cosmetologists
Therapeutic massages by our expert licensed massage therapists

Holistic health services: reiki, pranic healing, chakra balancing,
infrared sauna, sound baths and health classes

We are celebrating Martin Luther King's Birthday!
From January 19-21, 2019 book this special!
A 60 minute custom facial plus 60 minute massage.
Visitor rate $170.
If military or local/regular call for your discounted pricing.

Experience mind, body, soul alignment & totally relaxation with our custom sound bath using multiple instruments by Ryan while you receive a full body massage of your choice.
60 minute massage plus sound bath:
Single person is $195
Couples is $295

Transformation Massage $140 90 minutes

A combo of energy work and massage that clears a powerful path to inner truth and evolution.


The consciousness of our energy field conducts the function and performance of all of our bodies systems, through our heart center.  It can be the difference between living in the past or the present, tension or freedom, love or fear.  That’s why the Transformation Treatment exists.  It will surround you in a field of grounded Source Love and safety while your healing intelligence takes advantage of the opportunity to engage whatever healing or enhancement you are ready for and need the most.  People have experienced chakra balancing, trauma release, parasitic clearing, a reconnection to a truer or more advanced self, physical healing, epiphanies, remembering suppressed memories, having a “weight lifted”, reduction of anxiety, emotional catharsis, expanded energy fields, and brighter light.  Each individual is unique and there is no telling what you will get out of it until you try it.  Not one person has ever had a bad experience. 98% of people do have a tangible experience.  This treatment combines massage and energy work for your maximum benefit, and therefore the benefit of your life and everything you touch.  

By appointment only 7 days a week based upon therapist availability

Retail & gift certificates: Call before coming to ensure receptionist is available or order it over the phone & receive it electronically.
Visa, Mastercard, cash accepted for payment of services